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(July 2017) PipelineAI releases demo video of end-to-end training and deployment of TensorFlow AI Model. From research to production, we provide full metrics and insight into all phases of the ML and AI Pipelines.

(June 2017) PipelineAI is featured by Hotels.com in the recent Spark Summit SF Keynote Presentation!

PipelineAI @ Hotels.com

Who, What, and Where is PipelineAI?

PipelineAI is a standards-based, highly-scalable ML / AI model deployment platform.

PipelineAI is built with Love and Scale by a core group of ex-Netflix, Databricks, Google, Nvidia, and PagerDuty Engineers. The extended PipelineAI Community includes top engineers from many companies thoughout the world.

Headquartered in San Francisco, PipelineAI maintains offices in Chicago, Washington DC, and London.

Who Uses PipelineAI?

PipelineAI's list of 100's of beta customers are listed on Crunchbase.

With 32,000+ users on our Advanced Edition waitlist, we expect a 10-15x increase in customers by the end of the year. We're moving as quickly as we can!

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