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High Performance Distributed TensorFlow with GPUs - Nvidia GPU Tech Conference - May 08 2017 from Chris Fregly

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Half-Day, GPU-based Workshop

PipelineIO Distributed Spark ML + Tensorflow AI + GPU** Workshop

**Everybody gets their own GPU for the duration of the workshop!!

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We will each build an end-to-end, continuous, distributed Spark ML and Tensorflow AI model training and deployment pipeline on our own GPU-based cloud instance.

The only prequisites are a modern browser and an internet connection. We provide the rest including a GPU-based cloud instance for each attendee.

At the end of the workshop, each attendee can download the Docker image and run everything in your own cloud account.


Full-Day, PANCAKE STACK Workshop

Training, Deploying, and Scaling a Continuous, End-to-End, Real-time ML Recommendation and AI Classification Pipeline with Spark, Kafka, and TensorFlow

2017 Locations and Dates

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The goal of this workshop is to use the PipelineIO platform to build an end-to-end, streaming data analytics and recommendations pipeline on a cloud instance (provided by us) with Docker and the latest streaming analytics and machine learning tools available.

At the end of the workshop, the attendee can download their live, running Docker Container to their local machine as a .tar file.


Part 1: Continuous Tensorflow-based AI Model Training and Deployment

Part 2: Continuous Spark-based ML Model Training and Deployment

Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview

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